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Testdisk – A Great Recovery Tool

by manojgumber

You must be wondering why I am appreciating this tool this much. Well …this tool is worth it. I saved me from a hell of trouble. Actually due to some unknown reasons , my partition table got corrupted . My one partition was lost and rest were fine. The partition which was lost ( it had some important documents) , different tools showed it as free space.

At ubuntu forums, a fellow suggested to use this tool and it worked awesome. It detected my old partition table and I could recover my lost partition.
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Installing Windows 7 From PenDrive / USB drive ( WorksEveryWhere Method )

by manojgumber

I got this method by searching over the google . This is a very easy and simple method that works everywhere. The original site where I had found this does not work any more.

This that you need:
1. Windows 7 Iso Image
2. WinRAR , PowerIso , Deamon Tools (software that can extract or mount Iso files)
3. A 4GB or larger pen drive
4. Two softwares USB_prep8  and bootsect.
You can download them at

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