Deluge – My favorite torrent client on ubuntu

by manojgumber


The one thing I have missed the most from the windows world is utorrent. It would not be an exaggeration if I say that utorrent is the best torrent client. Linux port of utorrent is in beta since forever with no hopes of a stable version.

I have tried a couple of torrent clients on ubuntu and it is disappointing to see paucity of  a good torrent client for linux.

  • Azureus or Vuze –  It is the bulkiest of all the linux torrent clients. Nothing slows your system as much as Vuze.
  • Tranmission – I appreciate the simplicity and speed of transmission but this has too basic interface. The thing most lacking is any interface to monitor the progress of your torrents. All you get is a single percentage completed bar. It would be useful to see the  status of individual files, the peers, tracker status and error messages.

Finally its Deluge to the rescue. It appears to be only torrent client on par with utorrent. It has

  • Good user interface (almost identical to utorrent)
  • Gui is fast. Does not slow down system.
  • Array of tweaking options from basic to advanced.

I find strange that not many people are aware of Deluge but it is really a good utorrent alternative for ubuntu.