Installing Windows 7 From PenDrive / USB drive ( WorksEveryWhere Method )

by manojgumber

I got this method by searching over the google . This is a very easy and simple method that works everywhere. The original site where I had found this does not work any more.

This that you need:
1. Windows 7 Iso Image
2. WinRAR , PowerIso , Deamon Tools (software that can extract or mount Iso files)
3. A 4GB or larger pen drive
4. Two softwares USB_prep8  and bootsect.
You can download them at

Here is the procedure-

Step 1:
Insert Flash drive and back up any data on pendrive because we will be formatting the pendrive before use.

Step 2:
Open USB_prep8 folder, find USB_prep8.cmd and run it. Then, a terminal window will pop up that looks like this:

Press any key to continue, then another window will pop up that looks like this:

Locate the flash drive you want to make bootable and make  sure that “Enable Disk Format”, “Quick Format” and “Enable LBA (FAT16X)” are checked. Then, click “start.”

When it is finished, close all windows.

Step 3:
Now its time to make your flash drive bootable. Be sure that the folders that you extracted are on your desktop, then open a command prompt (Start > Run > type “cmd”) and run the following commands:
1. “cd Desktop”
2. “cd bootsect”
3. “BootSect.exe”
4. “BootSect.exe /nt60 x:” (replace “x” with the letter of your flash drive)

Step 4:
Okay, now that you have a bootable flash drive, all you have to do it extract the contents of  Windows 7 ISO files onto your flash drive. Done! Now you can install Windows 7!

All you need to do is boot to your flash drive on any computer, by going in the boot menu and selecting the flash drive!