Partition Table Entries Are Not In Disk Order.Problem??

by manojgumber

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The above problem happens when you manually add / create / delete partition and partitions get /dev/sdx numbers which are different from their physical ordering on disk. Still this is not a problem at all. Even if you want that partition numbers should be in their order in hard disk , this can be done.

Here fdisk utility comes to rescue.

leisurehours@wordpress-laptop : ~ $     sudo  fdisk /dev/sda

At the fdisk command prompt: Enter
m (for help)
Next at the prompt:
x (extra functionality – experts only)
f (fix)
w (write to disk and exit)

You may get a warning that devices are in use and the new table will be used at the next boot.

If you want that the Linux Kernel reads the new partition table now , use the following command.

leisurehours@wordpress-laptop : ~ $     sudo  partprobe

Caution –

Since the numbering for partitons changes  , your system may break because following files depend on partition numbers.

  • /boot/grub/menu.lst   Or grub.cfg ( after Karmic Ubuntu)
    Now mostly this file refers to partitions by their uuids instead of drive numbers (/dev/sdax) . UUID number do not change. So make sure that if there are any reference to any partition by their (/dev/sdax) names, then correct that to reflect the new partition number.
  • /etc/fstab
    Same thing here. If this file refers to partitions through UUID , then no problem . Otherwise change partition numbers so that they are according to their new values.

That’s all!