Download Movie Trailers from Apple Site using wget on linux

by manojgumber

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I love watching trailers of latest movies on Apple trailers site. Apple site has recently done something that requires only that Quicktime player users can watch the trailers. But those in Linux who want to download the trailers on disk, here is a solution.

  • Go to Apple trailer Site and select whatever trailer you wish to download . Move to its page.
  • Decide the resolution you wish to download , right-click on that resolution button and select -> copy Link Location
  • Now  the url for the trailer is copied. You have to edit it a little bit. Simply add a ‘h’ before the resolution and after underscore in the url.e.g in my case , the copied url was

    After adding ‘h’ before the resolution and after underscore, the url becomes
  • Now start a terminal and type
    wget -U "QuickTime/7.6.2" modified_url

    e.g. In my case , it was

    wget -U "QuickTime/7.6.2"

Now the download will begin. Enjoy your favourite trailers .

I tried it with wget  on ubuntu and as of today, it worked fine for me.