What To Do When Your Ubuntu System Hangs/Freezes??

by manojgumber

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Most of us must have faced this problem when our ubuntu system hangs and does not respond to any thing / keystroke or command. What to do simply?? Simply press power off or restart and you will be getting weird messages when next time your system boots .

What is the safest way to handle this problem??

You have the press the following key combination to safely restart your system to recover from such situation

Alt + print screen +  R  + E  + I + S + U + B

Important — Order to press the keys

  • Keep the alt and “print screen” key pressed during all this.
  • Then press the remaining keys in sequence one after the other one at a time. i.e. first press R , then release R, then press E , then release E and likewise.
  • It it does not seem to work, try to keep the keys pressed for a little more time and then release.

But another problem?? Who will remember this key combination?? Better I restart manually than this key combination.

Dont worry here is a mnemonic to remember this.

  • Restart
  • Even
  • If
  • System
  • Utterly
  • Broken

If you want to simply shut down the system safely in case of a hangup, Use the following key combination

Alt + Print Screen + R + S + E + I + U + O

The way to press these keys is similar to previous one.

Now time for mnemonic —

  • Rescue
  • System
  • Even
  • If
  • Utterly
  • Out of order

If you are curious what each option is doing , then best resource is official kernel documentation. Here is the link.

Hope it saves you from a problem!!!