I Switched to Ubuntu today

by manojgumber

Today I switched to Ubuntu 9.04 linux. I had been a 3 years long user of fedora. I started my linux journey with fedora core 6 and went till fedora 10. For some time , I was thinking to switching to ubuntu and today I made the move.

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

I am very much liking Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty. I feel ubuntu is much better than fedora due to following reasons-

  • Installing new packages is really easy with synaptics , apt-get and aptitude and they work really fine and offer almost any package unlike fedora yum which is always making me mess with some kind of errors.I took me 2 days to install sun java on my fedora 10 but in ubuntu It was a simply a minute task.
  • Looks—ubuntu is definitely better in terms of looks than fedora.
  • You get into any problem with ubuntu and you can find solution by googling. Thanx to massive user group of ubuntu linux.
  • Hardware support is good.My sound card , wireless card all are working fine in ubuntu.
  • Performance wise I am finding ubuntu at par with fedora.Speed wise both are same but ease of use is much good in ubuntu.

So it was something I liked about ubuntu linux. Ubuntu  is a very good linux.

Happy Ubuntuing!!