Using Gmail To take any notes

by manojgumber

Some email providers give the facility that you can store your notes in the email account .Gmail does not directly offer this facility but you can use existing facilities to get the facility of taking the notes in your gmail account . So next time you find something interesting while web surfing , some bookmark, some webpage you can take down that note in gmail . Here is the procedure-

Basically, the concept is to email yourself the notes, but Gmail lets you at least better organize and handle these emails. Here’s what you do:

First, create a Contact with a Name of “Notes” and an Email Address of .

Next, create a new Label called “Notes”

Finally, create a Filter to add the “Notes” Label any email addressed to . Also, check the “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” checkbox.

The effect is this:

When you email yourself from an email account other than your own Gmail account, address the email to . Use some information regarding notes in the subject. When the message arrives in your Gmail account, it will automatically be archived into your “Notes” Label view, bypassing the Inbox. Nice and organized.

When you want to email yourself from your own Gmail account, click “Compose Email”, and just type “Notes” in the “To” field and hit “Tab” or “Enter”. Because you used the name “Notes” in the Contact, Gmail will fill in the email address automatically eliminating the need to enter a long address. Then, when you click send, the email gets sent to yourself, and is auto-archived in the Notes Label, just like above.

You now have a Label containing any notes you want to keep, and they are completely searchable! Whenever you want to see your notes, just click the Notes label in the gmail.